Platinum Credit Card Case Study

Regions Visa® Platinum Credit Card In all economy, there is the existence of necessities not only in resources, such as capital or money, but in credit. This is because of being known as a mechanism that provide such resources. Thanks to the credit cards, people and organizations have access to resources that in another form would be difficult to obtain. In addition, credit activates consume in costumers generating so the productivity of a country. And companies can increase their inversions and make projects that will help them improve their income and production. Nonetheless, credit cards are only a financial support that if this is not use correctly, it generates some debts that would not be easy to pay.
Visa Credit Card offers many services to meet the needs of people that possess under quality standards. The Regions Bank offers different kind of Visa Credit Cards. In this case the Regions Visa® Platinum Credit Card is a card that participates automatically and without additional cost of a rewards program. According Regions, each time the customer uses this credit card, he or she will add points that as a consequence they can be redeemed for all purchases from gas to groceries. This points are winning by each $1the customer spends in the qualified purchases that Regions cover, or
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So, be prepare for the payments of the next months. Besides, the bank lets people pay the total outstanding balance without penalty and with a due day of at least 21 days after the closing date for each billing statement. Nonetheless, there is important pay more than the total amount due to reduce the amount of interest. This credit card presents an APR of 11.74% for a student and the minimum interest charges is not less than $1.50. In addition the annual fee does not exist for a student but still exist a penalty of $38 fee for late

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