Regenerative Brake-Type Systems Essay

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Regenerative Brake-type Systems
Brian Seibert
Miami-Jacobs Career College


As I started brakes classes in college, I expected to be relearning all that I already knew about brake systems and how they work. How to do a brake job and how to identify a problem. Little did I know of how much technology has changed between the cars of today and the older cars ta I am used to repairing. When the concept of regenerative braking was explained by my teacher, I was blown away by the concept. As with all present day automotive systems, even braking has become computerized. The sensors, boosters, and even the connecting levers of the brake pedal itself has been replaced by an array of computers, sensors, and actuators to
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For almost a century, professional over-the-road drivers have been downshifting their transmissions in order to assist in deceleration and save the brakes from excessive wear. A technique similar to this was used by trolly car operators to slow their cars on the rails when riding through areas with large hills. Their method involved turning off the electric motor and using the drag from the engine to slow them down. In the modern world of automotive technology, we are constantly striving to find ways of making our vehicles more efficient, so when looking for a better design for braking systems on passenger cars, the engineers borrowed from this old technology, added some new, and came out with something that not only stops the car, but has a few added benefits. Regenerative braking systems also generate power to recharge the vehicle's battery.

Regenerative brake systems are mainly found in hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles. The reasons for this are not only due to the smoother operation of the electric motor versus the internal combustion engine, but because no other vehicles use the high amount of energy that these platforms consume. These systems do not work by downshifting per say, as electric motors do not rotate while the car is not under load, it only spins when power is applied to it by depressing the accelerator pedal. Logically, when you release the accelerator pedal

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