Regency Hotel Case Study Essay example

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Regency Hotel Case Study

The Regency Hotel is a beautiful five star hotel that is located in Bangkok. This hotel was established by a local group of investors and was operated by a Thai general manger at the beginning. This Regency Hotel was one of the country’s most prestigious hotels. The employee count for the hotel was around 700 and the moral of the employees was very high. They hotel offered very good employee benefits, above average salaries, plus job security. They also included a great yearend bonus that was not based on the hotels overall performance.
After some time the hotel was sold to a very large American hotel chain, after finding out the general manager decided it was time to take an early retirement because of the
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In Fact, creativity and innovation were discouraged. The hotel would punish employees that tried something new that was not first approved from management. As a result the employees never wanted to take any risks in fear of getting in trouble. When Becker met with the managers he explained very in-depth that the employees must be empowered to make their own choices so that they can use their initiative, creativity, and judgement. He did a limit though, any really complex issue would have to be resolved from the managers. Mistakes were also to be allowed, but only once. After a mistake was made they would have to learn from it and make sure to never make the same mistake twice.
Becker also did not want to have to waste his time on any minor decisions. Becker was there to address all of the major issues the hotel was having and he trusted the mangers to deal with all of the minor issues without his knowing. After informing the mangers of this new style, many of the mangers were really up to the challenge. Before Becker the hotel was very micro-managed, to the point where the front desk would have to ask the general manger if that could upgrade a room. Becker made it possible for the front desk people to make the decision themselves, as a result some of the employees actually left the hotel. The employees often have a very troubling time distinguishing

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