Refusing Treatment Of Medical Treatment Essay

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sponsibilities: Refusing Treatment According to a health care proxy or durable power of attorney for health care (DPAHC), a person or persons selected can make their own health care decisions involving refusal of medical treatment. In the 1986 Bouvia v Superior Court case the courts supported the right to decline medical treatment. In addition, they have also defended the right of legally competent patient to reject medical treatment based on religious beliefs. For instance, Jehovah’s Witnesses may decline blood transfusions but accept other forms of medical treatment. On another note, the courts will grant an order allowing the hospitals and other health care providers to treat children of Christian Scientists or Jehovah’s Witnesses who have rejected authorization for treatment of their minor children. DNR (do not resuscitate) is another refusal of treatment that is often encountered. Unless a DNR is in order, health care providers must make every effort to save the client. (P&P, p.299)

2. Information Technology: Safeguarding Privacy With the use of technology rising in health care settings, it can be a challenging duty to uphold patient privacy and confidentiality. With HIPPA there are criterions concerning accountability in the heath care setting. It provides parameters as to who can access a patient’s record. It produces the foundation of privacy and confidentiality apprehensions. All patients have the right to privacy in which they keep personal…

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