Social Problems In America

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During the 1800s, people migrated from all over the world to the United States. Since then the country has gained economic success. Millions of people migrated from their home country in search of the land of opportunity. Even though immigrants brought great benefits to a new and prosperous country, they also brought a great deal of problems that increased over time. The country has suffered from overpopulation, immigrants, and refugees. The mass of immigrants that came to the country had a negative effect on the country over time. Countries like the United States have experienced a great deal of overpopulation through its time. The US immigration policies, specially in the 1990s, were dedicated to making immigrants of a certain class and education level come to the country to help enhance it economically (Shah). “This growth will produce serious challenges for our society. I believe that many of our present social problems may be related to the fact that we have had only fifty years in which to accommodate the second hundred million Americans” said by President Nixon (World Overpopulation Awareness). Even when the country was in development, Presidents …show more content…
In refugees areas there has been an increase of theft and murder as well as other crimes. There was also a great increase in the rate of alcoholism (Social and Economic Impact of Large Refugee Populations on Host Developing Countries). Refugees have a political problem which is that the poor class of the host country doesn’t welcome them. This is due to the fact that refugees receive benefits that the lower class doesn’t, this only true for the born citizens of the country. This causes social conflict that neither of the classes wants but occurs due to privileges that are given to aliens, but not natives born (Social and Economic Impact of Large Refugee Populations on Host Developing

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