Political Refugees In Syria

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Political Refugees of Syria
The worst migration crises of the generation has swept through Europe. Unwilling to prevent civil war in the neighboring country Syria hundreds of thousands of Syrians flood Europe. Europe is unprepared and overwhelmed by number of refugees from surrounding poor countries and Syrians fleeing war. Migrant crises is nothing new to The United States and its southern states being discussed in, “America Is Committed to take more Syrian Refugees, According to John Kerry”(Reuters and Vice). Details how many refuges The United States is going to bring in. In 1975 National agreements sent 275,000 refugees to The United States as a result of war, “What History Can Teach Us About The Worst Refugee Crisis Since WW II” (Alfred). Usually, war creates and displaces migrants causing crisis. Hopefully the Tragic history can teach people to prevent crises. Lauren Peters who shares possible solutions to, “Migrant Crises: How can EU respond to influx”. As an example Europe is even considering using The United States green card lottery policy. Reporters talk to experts and ask about human rights and government policies. News stations like BBC and Vice are known to go to the front lines, “literally” when reporting on wars and commotions break out.
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It is predominately Muslim which some countries in Europe will not allow. Four million migrants have crossed into Europe most being Syrian refugees. The UK is the biggest EU aid donor for those refugees and argues “that most wanted to stay in the Middle East” (Peter). Very few legal migration routes have been set up to stop migrants from attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. In six months 2,300 migrants died. Immigrants who arrive avoid getting fingerprints taken in poor countries like Greece to get asylum in Germany or Switzerland. Europe wants to consider some countries “safe” to send migrants back, but those countries want to be part of

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