Reform Where It Is Needed Essay

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Reform Where It Is Needed It seems that with each election, one of the topics circulating is about education. Most citizens will agree that the educational system is in need of a change; many have tried in the past but with little to no avail. The blame for a failing educational system does not lie with the schools themselves, but with the politicians and school boards in charge of schools’ curriculums. Teaching methods and lesson plans should not be constructed by commercialized industries whose sole purpose is to make a profit, but by educators that value education and the students they are teaching. The scholars whose literature and research that will comprise this paper include Dr. Jonathan Kozol, Nancie Atwell, and a compilement of research presented by Steven Zemelman, Harvey Daniels, and Arthur Hyde. For twenty-five years, Dr. Kozol studied, worked with, and became a family with numerous families living in the inner cities of New York. Among his many novels on education and the lives of inner city kids, Fire in the Ashes illustrates how the educational systems have failed countless children and the desire to bring upon change to these failed systems. Change is seen in the form of Nancie Atwell, an American educator who became the first recipient of the Global Teacher Prize, a one million dollar award; taking place in 2015. Backing up the research conducted by Atwell; Steven Zemelman, Harvey Daniels, and Arthur Hyde constructed compilations known as Best Practice,…

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