Reflery Essay: Summary Of Supervisory Practices

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Summary of Supervisory Practices In the module, the supervising principal decided to hire Ms. Jones, a first year teacher, based solely on the superintendent’s recommendation. By the second week of school, she has already written up a number of students, but do not possess a classroom management plan that had already been due to turn in to the assistant principal. The principal assigns the assistant principal and Ms. Jones’s mentor the role of assisting her with developing and completing this plan. The principal decides to push her observation back to January, but with doing so notices disrespect relationships between the teacher and the students. Ms. Jones commented that the students were spoiled and uppity, which in turn cause the disrespect …show more content…
I will take my time to decipher between teachers to choose the best choice in the best interest of the students. Also, I definitely understand various thoughts and emotions of new teachers because I am still considered a new teacher. I know what it is like to have a positive influential mentor who assists in any way possible and ensures support one hundred percent of the time. In my school, a new teacher induction program will be designed and utilized to welcome and comfort new teachers throughout their first two years of teaching. It is extremely important that these teachers are valued and motivated whenever the opportunity presents itself. Also, drafting teachers for the mentoring programs would definitely be a well-thought out process. I would select those teachers who exhibit great leadership skills, a love for students, proficient content knowledge, and above average classroom management skills. These people will possess the drive to live out the vision and mission of the school. I would also have sign-in sheets for meetings, so that the topics discussed during the meetings are documented and kept on file. The most important thing I learned from this scenario is that it is acceptable to delegate authority and responsibility to colleagues; however, leaders must be careful and very selective in whom they decide to carry these responsibilities. The employees selected must be responsible and respectful of everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Honesty and trust is at the heart of it all. Building relationships with staff members are equally important, so that these types of scenarios are kept to a bare

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