Reflective Team Reflective Reflection

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NMC (2015) requires us to work cooperatively in practice. Atwell and Caldwell (2006) view multidisciplinary teamwork as one of the key processes throughout care delivery. It is argued that it is essential to analyse the learning process and outcome for professional development in providing optimal care (Hammick et al., 2007). Thus, this reflection will explore several aspects of our team-work to enhance my interprofessional performance and contributes to the development of a more holistic approach of health and social care.
During this module, four tasks were undertaken amongst our team via enquiry-based learning (EBL) approach by a self-growth process with self-directed and self-paced learning experience. However, the tasks were not shared
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Leathard (2003) explained ethics are required to manage the differences between people relating interprofessional conduct and to consider each member values and attitudes. Boon et al., (2009) suggested any new interdisciplinary team should set up regulation and articulate the goals of the model of care to start at a critical starting point. However, it has been argued the power sharing of the non-hierarchical structure in ethical management contribute to conflict (Thomas et al., 2014). Despite our small group development went through all the stages of Tuckman’ model (Cassidy, 2007), this process is not always seen in nursing practice due to working environments, time consuming and more complex factors which are consistent with the knowledge, skills and attitudes. As a result, more complex challenges for ethical management have always occurred (Macintosh et al., 2011). Thus, Engeström (2008) highlights the evaluation process and feedback should be included in the reflective evidence of continuing professional development (CPD). His opinion indicates how to build an efficient nursing care team to promote the organization and its members of the nursing profession development. Consequently, it encourages cooperation and conflict

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