Reflective Summary Of The Fip Mentoring Program

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Since my last mentor summary, my experience with Brandon has in fact been nothing but pleasing. Brandon still communicates well with me and encourages me to succeed and work hard throughout the semester. He always lets me know when our next session will be while also saying he looks forward to our meeting and arrives early. Brandon has become nothing less than a friend who cares about my performance throughout my freshmen year. Overall remaining a good even great mentor that I am lucky enough to have. The Fip mentoring program has been a fun and beneficial experience I am glad I choose to participate in. With different activities like the boot camp, I interacted with other mentors and FIP students. Even though I was hesitant about the whole thing the boot camp was so much fun. I really enjoyed hanging out with the other classes and the mentors I am not really used to. It was intense actually I love competition and it was completely competitive. The boot camp was all about teamwork and even …show more content…
I hope that towards the end of the semester we have a small gathering where we have fun and give different superlatives throughout the different classes and mentors. I also think that at the end of the year we hold a reunion type event. This will allow us to reconnect again and explain to our former classmates how our second semester is going. I feel as though these would be fun events that the program would enjoy.
As the second semester rolls around the corner, I would love to continue working with Brandon again. I strongly feel that Brandon is indeed a good representation of what a good mentor embodies. I believe that working with him would help and also lead me down a successful path to achieve my dream GPA and overall goals. I strongly recommend others to have him as a mentor, seeing that he is a great one. I can not wait to have him as my mentor for the upcoming

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