Reflective Reading For Freedom

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Reading for Freedom
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." - Frederick Douglass. This quote makes me think of how truly important reading is in our lives. When we learn to read, we open ourselves up to so many possibilities. Reading is the key to success in everything we do in the world of education. Without reading, students cannot write. They cannot study history. They cannot read a word problem or even manage a science experiment. I believe that education and freedom go hand in hand, and reading is where the basis of learning begins. Therefore, teaching children to read is one of the most important things we can do.
Ever since I was a young girl, reading has always been my favorite subject in school. Reading was the class I was most excited to go to and the class that I knew I did not have to stress about. Reading to me has always made so much sense and has been so enjoyable. I have also always had a love for children and helping them grow. This is why I was so pleased to have accepted a teaching position
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I love working with my students in a small group and getting to really know them through reading. I believe that guided reading is the most beneficial part of the day in my reading classroom. However, sometimes I see that my students need even more help than I can give them. I wish that I could help them even more to become better readers because I know just how important and enjoyable reading really is. One of the most disheartening things to me is to see a struggling reader. I just want to help them and open up there world to the possibilities that reading will bring to them. I know that if they are struggling in reading, that they are probably struggling in all subjects. They are probably feeling frustrated in school in general and wanting to feel the “freedom” that they see their peers have in school through the ability to

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