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Definition of Reflective Practice
Reflective practice is a way of studying your own experiences to improve the way you work (Deakin, 2010)

Reflective practice highlights the importance of learning from experiences after thinking about it and relates the practical experiences to the theoretical learning approaches (Oxbridgewriters, 2011).

Definition Cont’d
It is a process by which practitioners focus on how they interact with their colleagues and environment in order to obtain a clearer picture of their own behaviour, thus building on existing strengths.

Reflective Practitioner is usually engaged in some kind of activity (often professional) which they can use to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses and
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(Amulya, n.d.; Brightknowledge, 2010; Ferraro, 2000)

(Brightknowledge, 2010; Ferraro, 2000; Nursingtimes, 2010; Wipp, 2010)
Models of Reflective Practice
Models of reflection exist to provide guidance to help us look back over events that have happened and to turn them into learning experiences.

In essence models of reflection help us to: Look at an event - Understand it - Learn from it (Neill, 2004)

Dewey’s 5 stages of thinking
Suggestions of a possible solution;

An intellectualization of the problem to be solved;

The use of suggestions as a hypothesis;

Mental elaboration of the idea;

Testing the hypothesis by imaginative action. (Smith, 1999)
Models of Reflective Practice
The four important reflective models that form part of the clinical and nursing portfolio are:
John’s Model of Reflection – 1994
Gibbs Model of Reflection – 1988
Schon – 1983

(Oxbridgewriters, 2011)

John’s Model of Reflection
The Johns model identifies particular areas of reflective practice:
Describing an experience significant to the learner;
Identifying personal issues arising from the experience;
Pinpointing personal

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