Essay on Reflective Practice

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Reflection has been defined as an active, persistent and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge (Dewey, 1933. Dawn, 2007). Reflective practice is a process to improve quality of performance in the workplace, skills up to date throughout workplace and leads to understanding the field of care. Reflection requires self-awareness and analysis (Schutz et al, 2004). To reflect the incident, I have used Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle because it easy to follow, well structured and it allows reflection on feelings as well as actions (Pat, L., 2008). Besides that, it helps to recognize what we do well and how to interpret in the other situations.
I’m working in surgical and transplant ward for five
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ECG showed changes with peaking of T waves (Miller W, 2006). Result back and showed potassium level was high. Immediately the doctor ordered to give 10ml calcium chloride 10 per cent solution administered intravenously over between two and five minutes to antagonise the toxic (Resuscitation Council 2006) and kiv haemodialysis pertaining to hyperkalemia (Humpreys M, 2007). I feel very scared because I did not inform to the doctor earlier about patient’s condition. I feel like I’m not a good staff nurse because I’m ignored about patient’s problem. The good thing is this experience make me learnt how to detect patient’s problem from their complaints. The bad thing is maybe I can make the patient died due to lack of knowledge. I should not feel like I’m not a good staff nurse because this is a new experience. I can ask my senior staff what should I do about patient’s complaint. This is to prevent my patient become worse. If it arose again, I should check patient’s vital signs, do ECG and check previous blood investigation results first and inform doctor immediately. Through this incident it showed that the important to be a knowledgeable person and how to train a new staff. Through the Gibb’s reflective cycle, I’ve learned about important of knowledge and two way of communication (Lisa, R., Sally, JB. 2007). In brief, I want to be a mentor. So, I can teach a new staff.
After five

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