Reflective Practice In Social Care

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Reflective practice in Social Care is essential to continuous professional development. “Continuous professional development rests on our ability and willingness to adopt a reflective approach, to think creatively and critically about our work.” (Thompson, 2015) It is extremely important in terms of understanding where things went wrong, how it affected the worker and the service user. Reflective practice helps teach us ways to improve on aspects of our lives that affect us as well as how our work placement affects us. “Reflective practice involves being able to relate theory to practice, drawing on existing frameworks of ideas and knowledge so that we do not have to “reinvent the wheel” for each new situation that arises.” (Thompson, 2015) It is an extremely important learning tool in the Social Care profession as it maps our ways of coping with situations and teaches us skills in terms of bettering them. …show more content…
David Kolb created an experiential learning style theory which is represented by four stages of reflective practice. (McLeod, 2017) These include the Experience, The Reflection, The Analysis and Action plans.
The experience involves describing your

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