Reflective Of The Leadership Knowledge That I Have Gained As A Member Of A Elc Cohort

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My final project is reflective of the leadership knowledge that I have gained as a member of the ELC cohort. My leadership dilemma; does Kaleida Health optimize leadership development was answer through the research process. What I found was that there is opportunity for Kaleida to further optimize the talents and skills of the ELC cohort in a more strategic system wide manner than what is the current practice. Kaleida is closing in on having sponsored 100 individual leaders to participate in the ELC cohort; imagine the collective leadership learning that could be harnessed from the collective group. The now what becomes the need to create a forum that brings the individuals into a collaborative group that can transform our leadership learnings into actionable processes and initiatives. The recommendations resulting from my project leverage that shared knowledge base and collective energy.
From my personal perspective I will attempt to articulate in a couple of thoughts the self-transformation I have under gone as a leader over the course of this program. The very first exercise of writing down our values and beliefs as leaders, then embedding those values and beliefs into a mission statement was a personal epiphany. One of the most important foundational steps of a good leader is the ongoing challenge of clarifying one’s own core beliefs. My personal beliefs serve both as an anchor and a guide and it was important for me to be able to clearly articulate what those beliefs…

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