Reflective Nursing Reflection

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Speet and Franke (2004) identified that there is a difference between nurses that carry out task oriented duties and nurses that offers patient centred care. The Robert Francis report highlights failures at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust which lead to devastation for many patients and their families. The report shows the level of poor care delivered by health providers. Patient were not treated as individuals but rather ignored. Some of these failures were as a result inadequate training and limited knowledge of health care providers. The RCN believes there is a need to recognise career pathways for those wishing to develop their skills in nursing, and that all those seeking to be a nurse understands how to deliver excellent care to patients. However, quality care can only be achieved effectively if nurses are properly engaging in LLL to develop their understanding of providing care in order to be well prepared for future changes while in practice through learning. It is very essential that all nurses undertake continuous learning …show more content…
Reflection is the "process of making sense of events, situations and actions that occur in a workplace" (Olefsen, N. 2012). For Nursing, it entails putting their attention on how they interact and associate with their co-workers and with the work environment to get a clearer image of their own personal behaviour. When practitioners reflect effectively they are able to better understand themselves thereby developing existing strength and creating the ability to take future actions. (Somerville and Keeling 2004). LLL is important to Adult Nursing because it allows for the development of critical thinking and supports reflection in patient care which empowers nurses to maintain a personal and professional ability of delivering patient 's essential quality care on a daily basis. (Eason,

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