Reflective Journal Essay

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My Reflective Journal
Date: 15th April 2014
Time: 9.15am
Setting: Training Room
Subject: Reflection of My 1st Practicum. * Objective description of an experience.

The practicum month was a hectic but wonderful experience for me. I settled my practicum issues in the morning while having teaching duties in the afternoon to fulfil and night classes to attend for my diploma too. On top of that, I had to prepare for my Parent Teacher Conference at the end of the month. I have piles of paperwork to prepare and clear in terms of my practicum and my portfolios for my 28 children.
Three things I learnt during the practicum period is the importance of knowing how to handle stress,, the true meaning of the words, passion and patience, and the
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Now I believe this philosophy of “Every child is special” because each child have their own abilities and weakness. As a teacher, I learned that I must help my children to discover and bring out their abilities to new levels while helping them cope and stay positive about their weakness. I learned that my role as a teacher is very important towards the development of the children under my care. Parents entrusted their children to me to assist in their child’s holistic development. It’s been rewarding to see the children grow in confidence and share their knowledge with their parents and me.
Personally, ever since I became part of the industry, it has been an emotional journey. We are seen to be holding the easiest job in the world; dealing with kids. I wish I can tell everyone out there that it is not true. The patience and dedication needs to be constant throughout the whole time. It is not only about coming into the classroom and teach, but we as early childhood educators has to deal with their behavior management and routine as well. Based on my experience dealing with Nursery children, it requires time for them to absorb what is going on around them. Yes, some people might find it tiring to repeat something over and over, but that is what we need to do in order to guide them. Having the passion isn’t enough, the patience counts in

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