Reflective Journal on Ethics Game Simulation Essays

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Reflective Journal on Ethics Game Simulation
Maria R. Brook
HCS/478 Health Law and Ethics
January 23rd, 2012
Caroline Etland, PhD, RN

Reflective Journal on Ethics Game Simulation

In this journal I will write my reflections on two ethical dilemmas presented in Ethics Game's online simulation, which has been designed to teach students how to make ethical decisions through a practical and repeatable decision model.
Ethical Issue #1 Presented During my Shift
Near the beginning of my shift last night, we admitted a 16-year-old mother, RB. She's in her tenth hour of labor now. Her parents have been with her, and they have chosen to limit the amount of medication and other medical assistance we've administered for personal reasons.
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Decision-making Steps Taken to Address Issue #2 My first step in this situation was to figure out exactly what the problem is - what the issue is that I am facing. My issue was how best to assure access for gay partners of Seva's patients on equal footing with straight couples. The next step was to name the primary stakeholders - those people were: * Alain Trottier, Patient in ICU (AT) * Yves St. Martin, Alain Trottier's Partner (YM) * MARIA, Staff Nurse * Carlotta Baldwin, RN, Shift Supervisor (CB) * Amelia Finch, Director of Nursing Services * The Shareholders
I also identified the following rights to represent the basic liberties in this situation: * Right to participate in decision-making for an unconscious family member * Right to have hospital policy regarding participation by family members implemented * Right to be informed that your interpretation of hospital policy is inaccurate
Finally, I was able to come to a solution which was Note on AT’s chart that YM is to be given access and treated as family. I notified my supervisor that hospital policy is not being followed.
Ethical Lenses
The ethical lenses provide different perspectives on each dilemma. Each lens has different criteria for what constitutes an ethical decision. By considering and synthesizing multiple perspectives, a better decision can be reached.
Ethical Lenses Used to Make Decisions in Issue #1 In this situation I used

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