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Reflective Journal Assignment – Assignment #2

This whole interviewing experience was pretty great and interesting from both sides of

the interviewing process; But while I was being interviewed, I felt a slight bit of discomfort

during the process and felt that while my “Social Worker” (Bailey) was interviewing me was just

a tad bit tense; And what I mean by her being tense is her posture was tense, like she didn’t

really seem comfortable at all interviewing me, and her voice was tense as well, she spoke fast

and rushed through everything which caused some discomfort. On the other hand, she did make

me feel like I was being heard, she never once broke her eye contact with me and somewhat

expanded on the questions she originally asked; Also she made it quite easy for me to talk and

explain my answers a little bit more in depth, but I didn’t really feel like I could trust her 100%

with what I was saying because she had been so tense.

Now, to be honest, being on the other side of the interviewing process, I could see why

Bailey had been so uncomfortable and tense. When I interviewed my client (Bailey), I have to

admit I was slightly uncomfortable, I’m not that great with conversing with others to begin with and I really don’t talk to people that much, I more or less keep to myself. Not to mention I felt

really awkward while asking the questions I had picked and I kind of starting having an inner panic attack while asking them and I’m not sure…

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