Essay On Group Interaction

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After being the facilitator the group went from the "transition to middle" phase to the "middle" phase. I felt a slight relief after speaking about what makes me stressed, as well as hearing solutions for my problems and hearing the possible solutions for the rest of the group. While it is good that they responded well to my facilitation, I need to push myself and work on managing the group better. I noticed I didn't interact a lot with the group so I need to make sure I interact with them more next time. The style I used was that of a democratic structure. The development of the group was slightly delayed since I was thinking too much about how exactly to communicate. I felt as if I was having difficulty sharing my thoughts and emotions …show more content…
During our sessions, we had to receive and give feedback through handout reports. Throughout the process, we learned to demonstrate empathy and communication in order to establish a better relationship with the clients which is described as a Therapeutic Alliance in Shulman’s texts. With all the knowledge acquired throughout the class period, I have learned how to asses proper ethical guidelines as well as tend to the client in a social work related manner
Assessment: Through assessment, we were able to successfully find ways for the group to ease their daily stress. It did not come easily since the process of communication and therapeutic intervention were required for us to assess the situation.
Intervention: Collecting information of the clients in order to view different ways of intervention. Group and individual intervention work almost the same since it begins with acquiring information on each individual being just one or an entire family. Good communication is key in getting a working intervention. As a social worker using this feedback is helpful to improve our skills in intervention and analysis work. It’s also useful to evaluate your practice as a social worker because it helps you identify the areas of your practice that need improvement. It also helps the patient to be more successful because each session is revised to help them

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