Reflective Essay: Together Lives Change (TLC)

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This semester I am at a new agency in Hampton, Virginia called Together Lives Change (TLC). My initial impression of the agency is that it is a good fit for me. The staff is very professional and they are doing great things within the community. Today we talked about the agency’s expectations and the dress code in depth. The agency’s expectations are realistic and straight forward and I can really appreciate how the agency have structured their internship program. The information I received helped me begin to set boundaries professionally. I will set professional boundaries by adhering to the dress code, time sheets requirements, and maintaining a positive attitude. I will be flexible as the agency continues to grow and I am eager to take on the tasks that are offered. The roles are still evolving and I will continue to revise and revisit my personal and professional boundaries. I am very excited to see how this placement will enhance my social work skills. I will link this learning experience to core competency 2.1.1 - Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordingly. Social workers attend to professional roles and boundaries. Social workers also demonstrate professional demeanor, behavior, …show more content…
I have learned a lot so far but today was very unique. Today we focused on developing ourselves as people and professionals. We worked on a vision board, we completed a personal development plan which focused on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. We also worked on a self-care plan. This is something that I have always wanted to do; however, due to my busy schedule I rarely work on things that can strengthen me as a person. Our tasks coordinators stressed the importance of caring for ourselves because we are in a profession where we give to people. Therefore, if there is no plan to care for ourselves the end result is burnout. This was a nice exercise and I felt it was so

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