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A reflective essay to me is a form of writing that scrutinizes and perceives the progress of the writer 's personal experience. Also, reflective essays describe and explore the development of the writer, and deliberate future goals. I am delighted to reflect on my experience this semester in Management 3120 with Professor McKechnie. Throughout the semester, I have learned enormous concepts through reading and class discussions, which I will be able to use in my profession. This class was a remarkable class, and it taught me how to be a better manager as well as a better human being.

I have learned business words that I have never heard of. I read Wall street journal, sometimes I found many business terms that I didn’t know about. Now when
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When we become a manager, it’s up to us whether we treat everyone injustice view or not. As an agent of this society. It’s our responsibility to value everyone’s moral rights. It’s also important not to follow ethnocentrism, rather we should accept moral absolutism. This brings us to Culture and diversity. Diversity places an important role to run a business successfully. Diverse work environment makes workplace interesting and proactive.
This class was my best class in this semester. Through this class, I learned so many things starting from planning to lead an organization successfully. It is impossible to write all of the things that I learned in this class. But here are some of the things I will be using if I become a Manager. First, I will follow all the managerial process to solve a problem ethically. Also, respect diversity, and take care of team members by motivating them. Also, I will implement other elements of management such as leadership and communication that will help me to be the ideal manager. If I am able to do so, the organization will run successfully. Thank you so much Management department for an amazing course and most importantly Prof. McKechnie for being an excellent manager as well as our

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