Reflective Essay on Teaching Using Gibbs

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The aim of this essay is to critique a qualitative research article ‘’Peer and Neighbourhood influences on teenage pregnancy and fertility in English community’’, Arai (2005). Included in this essay will be title, abstract, research question, literature review, method, methodology, sampling, data analysis, discussion, ethics, implications for practice and conclusion.
The researcher has reported findings from a qualitative study carried out on peer and neighbourhood influences on teenage pregnancy and fertility. Using face-to-face and semi structured interviews, 15 mothers under 21years of age and 9 coordinators took part in the study. The findings suggest that there is no evidence suggesting peer influence on the outcome of teenage
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The information received from just 15 young mothers and 9 coordinators may not give a true reflection because other members of the society excluded from the study may have given alternative views on the issue. For example, partners of some of these young mothers may have been of the opinion that peer influence teenage pregnancy and fertility because some of these partners may have been

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