Narrative Essay On Jelly Fish

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It was the middle of 4th grade, at that time of the year, we had to write essays. I remembered that the prompt for the essay was about an animal that you wanted to write about. It was a prompt that I loved to write about since almost every year I wrote about the same animal. Almost every year in elementary school, I had to write a report on an animal, and every year I wrote about jellyfish because it was my favorite animal. I had already started the essay because I was already experienced and a professional at writing about jellyfish. When we finished writing the essays, my teacher told us to peer edit our classmate's essay at home. The person that I decided to edit was someone that I didn't like, but I dealt with it anyway. When I got home, I opened my computer and started to go to my partners essay and peer edit it. The animal that he wrote about was a bear. I went through the essay, fixing the essay of any spelling errors or grammar mistakes. When I got to the end of the essay, I …show more content…
I know who did it.” I said, stuttering a little.
She immediately knew what I was talking about. She didn’t say anything so I kept talking.
“It was my brother, I remember leaving for a second and coming back to my brother being suspicious.” “Ok, thank you Wendy for telling me the truth,” she replied. At that moment, I felt guilty and knew that I had made a mistake
I ended up not getting in trouble because of the lie that I had told. To this day, I don't think that anyone who had been in my class knew who had done it. I think that my teacher knew that it was me all along even though I didn't tell her it was me. After that experience, my teacher didn’t remind me about it, it seemed like she had forgotten, but I hadn’t.
From this experience, I learned that it was not worth it to treat someone so horribly, especially because I was scared and nervous of getting caught everyday. Even now, I feel bad because I didn't tell them the truth and instead told them that it was my

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