Reflective Essay: Self Recovery

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My mind hadn’t recovered as it would take several months to improve from such an ordeal, but I feared brain damage with a dreadful persistence, and wouldn’t accept it at any length. I wanted to feel my world, experience raw emotions, put all my efforts into an investment and therefore aid others with my influence. I was so determined as to take long walks in deep thought, as I am an above average thinker and proud. I felt that I had lost sensation and all feeling and with all my worth I pulled myself out of comfort zones to refill my my resources with some trouble. My grades in school began to raise over the course of the last months of school, but I still very much felt depleted and weak. Still, I understood that a full recovery came with full …show more content…
Jim stated, “I must pick up the positive and the energy that we both carried, and continue to carry it forward in my life.” (The Ledge, page 235) which embodied the spirit I felt during that time. During the last two of my AP Biology tests I had regained my mental stamina and endurance with a B and an A after reciting and memorizing everything possible to memorize, and understanding its function with uttermost deserving pride. That was all I wanted, and that was the fruit of my labors- to learn freely again. I resolved that the ability to learn and process the world is a grand gift, and to this day I put all my efforts out to what I adore in life, even if that required me to run like a fool for miles everyday and begin reading everything to my heart’s content. As Madden, the law enforcement ranger promised Jim after his unfortunate incident, “You have been given the greater a great gift: life. You didn’t get that gift handed to you, you earned it. Use it.” (The Ledge, page 214) I know that I have a long way in life and that resilience and grit has aided me in that

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