Reflective Essay : Reflective Self

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Reflective Self Analysis
As a freshman in college, I didn’t really like the sound of a writing class. In high school, my writing skills were average and my grades in my English classes reflected that. When reviewing the syllabus for this course, prior to the semester, the sound of five pages essays really made me sick to my stomach. At the time, I wanted to possibly try to just skip the class somehow, but instead, I decided just to get it over with already. This was probably the best choice that I’ve made this semester. My writing skills have really evolved into what they are today. Each essay along with the diverse prompts really surrounded me with new knowledge and abilities. At the beginning, I honestly had tons of weaknesses and little strengths. Each weakness really contributed to the poor essay grades I had throughout high school. This semester I was determined to switch it around with the help from my peers and my professor.
Once the first essay was given out, my heart just sank. I wasn’t ready for it at all and lacked the abilities many of my peers obtained during high school. The prompt for this essay was focused on a recently passed bill called “Senate Bill 11.” This had also turned out to be the title of my essay. As I expected, it clearly reflect two of my greatest weaknesses. The first weakness is very odd, but I still consider it a flaw. For some reason, I used to only be able to grasp the attention of my reader in the introduction, but wasn’t able to keep it…

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