Reflective Essay - Reflective Of Reading

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Reflective of Reading
When I first put my eyes on this book at the beginning of this course, I thought it to be leaders of the past and how they came to power. The leaders that I conjured up from my imagination were what every American would think of, “Presidents” Those include Teddy Roosevelt, who carried a big stick and spoke softly, John F. Kennedy who helped us push a race to get a man on the moon, or Ronald Reagan when he toured to Berlin, Germany and told the world, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Although these leaders were leading our country at one time, the book was more organized toward business leaders learning ones’ inner self and life stories. The book tells the life stories of many leaders’ shortcomings’ worries and crucibles’ that needed to be overcame to become an authentic leader to discover their true north.
My life story began in that small town of Sulphur, Oklahoma where I grew up and still live to this day. My father was an excellent mechanic and jack of all trades and master at none as they say, and my mother was a nurse that graduating from LPN school. Although people always needed my dad to work on their cars after he got off from the dealership where he worked, and my mother worked nights as a nurse at various nursing homes, we had plenty to eat, but never rich in any sense. I can remember when my mom wanted to burn down my dad’s race car for dirt track races when he spent too much on his toy. I also remember how mad I was at them for…

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