Reflective Essay : Reflective Introduction

972 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Reflective Introduction I was challenged this semester to evaluate and understand writing in an entirely different way. Instead of reading a passage simply to obtain the information it presented, I began thinking about the author, the audience, and what the writing does for each. A valuable lesson I learned is that good writing has more to do with the way the material is presented than the material itself. This lesson caused me to realize that I must think about a target audience, biases, and stakeholders among others. I was encouraged to change the way I think which aided me in the writing process. Being introduced to metacognitive writing helped me to take a step back from the somewhat egocentric mind frame I carry. The reading, This Is Water, acted as a catalyst in changing my thinking. It carried over into my writing process by helping me to think about the audience and what they will take away from my writing. Frequently, it was difficult to break from the frame of mind I have always known, but I can not only use this to expand my writing capabilities, but also in everyday life. Another helpful lesson was rhetorical reading because it focuses on the author, the evidence of the article, and the affects the writing had on the audience. I used these techniques to address each assignment in a way that was both different and more effective. The writing in this portfolio has perfectly captured my evolving understanding about writing, specifically argumentative writing.…

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