Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot

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Growing up, I was always fond of coming-of-age stories. Whether it was books, movies, or any other outlet, the idea of these youthful years where some individual transforms into a brand-new person was intriguing. My expectations of my future struggles, as well as my ability to overcome that was something that I looked forward to. Accordingly, when I reached grade twelve, I felt that I was living my dream. I received grades my parents couldn't complain about; I was on sports teams; I spent hundreds of hours with my cadet program; I even read at the school masses despite myself not being a devout Catholic.

I considered my finest accomplishment in high school to be that I was friends with the "popular kids". I had essentially climbed up the
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We started reading the classic, Waiting for Godot, in which we were left to interpret the text how we pleased. The other students all had their take on how the text was about God's existence, but surprisingly, I think I may have been the only one who took it personally. It was strange because I usually despised reading plays (i.e. everything Shakespeare), but this one was different. Even though Waiting for Godot is literally about nothing, it really brought out a few questions. I mean, while my religion has never been a huge part of my life, I still put on a performance to the people around me. If you'd ask me why, I would say I didn't know. After reading the text, it was then I really started to think about my role in my English class, my school, and in simply existing. I'm not sure if other eighteen-year olds questioned why they existed or why anything even exists at all, but I sure did. I began to question those that were in my life and what my purpose was. It didn't help either that I was reading a Japanese novel called Kafka on the Shore in which a teenager runs away from home to discover himself. I wasn't nearly as rash as the protagonist, but it did open my eyes to the fact that I wasn't nearly as satisfied with the accomplishments that I list on my resume. Regardless, I continued my life as I always

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