Nutcracker Critique

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This semester I had the opportunity to see The Nutcracker, performed by the Texas Ballet Theater, as one of my required professional performances for intermediate ballet. Watching this production was a “revelation” to me. The Nutcracker is an extremely well known ballet, yet I had never been given the chance to see it until this year. As someone who grew up in the dance world I had always heard the familiar compositions that are found within The Nutcracker, however, I had never seen professional dancers move to the music on stage. For much of the show I found myself mesmerized by the movements occurring on stage, as well as the elaborate backdrops that were displayed in each scene. The show impacted me in a way that I didn’t expect; I felt …show more content…
Although this was my first time seeing The Nutcracker, I could tell that the Ballet Company had tried to make the experience as classic and traditional as possible. The first thing I saw when the curtains opened was an enormous Christmas tree. I felt an odd sense of Christmas cheer creep upon me (even though it was still November) and suddenly I was transported to a time when I would lie awake as a young girl and think about Christmas occurring the next day. Throughout the entire ballet I recognized the detail that was put into every backdrop and prop. My favorite stage-set was the “Kingdom of Sweets”. The set felt mystical and seemed to pay homage to the image one would create when hearing the saying “visions of sugar plums danced in their heads”. I believe that the stage presentations were what made The Nutcracker feel like a revelation to me. I felt that I connected with the story more when the setting matched what was occurring. The detailed work that goes into the creation of The Nutcracker is one reason it is regarded as an iconic …show more content…
For most of Act 1 I didn’t recognize any of the music that was playing, but during Act 2 I was extremely familiar with the compositions. Act 2 consisted of The Waltz of the Flowers and Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy; I had heard both of these songs frequently as a child, thus I found a deeper connection with this half of the ballet. My favorite composition was the Spanish Dance. The Latin flair was an interesting twist to the rest of the ballet; I felt that it added a sense of diversity. This song immediately caught my attention because it felt uplifting and “royal”. This song satisfied my thirst for upbeat performances, as well as connected with my interest in classical works.
In conclusion, seeing The Nutcracker was a great experience for me both as a dancer and as someone who has a love for live performances. I believe that my dance background allowed me to have a deeper appreciate for the talent that graced the stage. The Nutcracker is a ballet that every dancer should experience within their lifetime. It is a personal rite of passage that allows dancers to feel connected with a true classic. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to attend this show and thoroughly look forward to attending it in the

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