The Talent Code Analysis

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When reading Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. Its Grown. Here’s How, the ideas and theories addressed throughout these two chapters have really changed the way I have looked at how I have been taking class. These chapters discussed the theory of myelin and deep practices and how those affect the way in which our brain learns certain things. In dance, at least for many of us, we have spent a long period of our lives redefining our technique.This process not only worked to change the way in which our muscles within our legs, arms, back, etc take class, it also changed the way our brains work to grasp these new ideas with redefining our ballet technique. Over this semester, I have noticed a change in how my body feels when I take class. Over time, I have have felt that I have been able generate and recreate sensations from class to class, allowing me to continue to build upon my technique and become more comfortable, although it is still a working process, to explore and experiment more while in class.
After reading these chapters, I found that being able to recall certain sensation would not be possible
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In class, I find at times my brain thinking about several different reasons as to why something in a combination did not go smoothly, or why I made a mistake that normally would not happen. However, I should be taking it one step at a time. Everything in our class relates to one another from the beginning of class all the way to the end going across the floor. Everything builds on each other, which we have discussed in class. When we break everything down, we are able to comprehend as to why something didn't go the way we wanted it to. I know that when I fall out of a pirouette, my preparation was not strong enough and I didn’t use my plie. This is where the idea that Coyle brings up in the readings of deep practice occurs in our dance

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