Reflection On VIA Strengths Assessment Survey

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Awareness of the situation
One of my top three values in VIA Strengths Assessment Survey is Honesty: ‘speaking the truth, presenting oneself in a genuine way and acting in a sincere way; being without pretense; taking responsibility for one’s feelings and actions’ (VIA Institute on Character 2016, n.p.).
One day a team leader told three students on placement to do whatever we needed to do by ourselves for an hour and half. One of the students suggested secretly do an assignment in the library. As soon as I heard his suggestion I felt disgust, and discussed what we should do only with the other student, excluding him.

Analysis of Disgust and Knowledge
I felt disgust because I thought that the suggestion was deceitful and against rules and learning contract, from which I recognised my personal value, honesty, was important to me and that I am a strong advocate for honesty, rules and contracts. I also became aware that my core value made me stand against
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Emotion is transferred and it also forms knowledge, and thus negative emotion toward a person can form a negative knowledge about the person, which can be easily spread through and by multiple people (Connelly & Gooty 2015).

A study suggests that higher emotional intelligence contributes leadership, and among the emotional intelligence components, empathy is a significant predictor of leadership (Kotzé & Nel 2015). Leader’s often too focus on own emotion and alter the emotion to the positive one, which might not always work since insincere emotion often does not resonate with other people (McClellan & DiClementi 2017). The good way of controlling emotion contagion is reflecting on counterpart’s emotion (Kotzé & Nel 2015). As one can understand counterpart’s emotion, one’s own emotion may naturally be altered (Kotzé & Nel 2015).

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