Reflective Essay On Social Work

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I chose social work as my major because I love the idea of helping someone and making a difference in their life. Even though, being a social worker can be a challenging job it is up to us to change the world and provide help to people. Social workers have the responsibility to help those incapable of helping themselves and bring knowledge to people that unsure or uninformed to certain situations. While, taking Introduction to Social Work I learned that social workers are needed everywhere, whether it is in a hospital, aiding to mental and disable, schools, or department of human resources. This course opened my eyes to the do’s and don’ts of being a social worker. It taught me on how not to mix my personal morals and values with my job. As …show more content…
I had dream of being a nurse because I love idea of providing care to someone. I did not get into the program, so I began to think what other major I can to do with the intention of assisting people so I chose social worker. I was nervous about entering the course because people say you don’t get paid a lot and social workers only take people kids away. Once I entered the course Introduction to Social work it open my eyes to the different types of social workers there are and what population you can work with. I want to work in either a hospital, with department of veterans, or work with teenagers’ girl and young women. Social workers care about your living, mental, and physical wellbeing. They are just important as doctors and nurses, they to save people lives. Growing up with family members living in public housing, I got a chance to see how these social welfare programs are very important to people. A lot of people in the projects are on welfare programs and they put their trust in social workers to ensure they have opportunities and essentials they need to be able to make through the night or month such as: food stamps, shelter for homeless to sleep, transportation to doctor appointments. In public housing some of which are not nice and there are a lot of crime and teenage pregnancy. This situation influenced my appreciation and decision for becoming a social worker even more. I feel it is important to inform these teenagers and young adult about birth control and as well as explain to them they do not have to be a product of their environment, but they can go to college or joined the military and become successful in life. I want to be the person who guides them as well as motivate them. I believe it is the duty of social workers to serve the community and even go beyond our obligations as social workers to ensure social

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