Personal Narrative: My Trip To School On Wheels

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For my Service- Learning I went to School on Wheels. At first I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure what a public school in the city school was going to be like, let alone a program that targets students that are homeless. However that’s also the reason why I chose to do my service learning hours with School on Wheels. I wanted to reach outside my comfort zone and get experience working in a more diverse environment. From the time I spent at IPS14 School I’ve learned so much, such as diversity, socialization, myself and who I want to be as an educator. During this volunteer experience I have witness what it is like to be on the other side of the classroom. Being the educator and not the student was a different feeling but enjoyable. All the …show more content…
I’ve learned so much just by observing them through my service- learning. I’ve also learned things about myself. Patience is a good skill to have when working with younger students. Sometimes I have too much patience such as I wait and wait for the student to come back to his or her seat after they say they will be right back. When really I need to speak up and tell them to come sit back down or follow them when they ask to get up. I try to always have a smoothing tone so I don’t upset the student and I always welcome them when they come into the room. I find it is important for me to start practicing the methods and attitudes I want to have as a future teacher. A challenge I found is not raising your voice. There are many incidence where a student does not feel like working or is in a bad mood. It then becomes hard to reason with that student, and from what I learned it is better to be calm in these situations and not raise the tension. Which can be frustrating because we all have those moments where we want to use our big voice but that doesn’t always help the situation. When I walk through the halls I always hear teachers raising their voice and quite frankly it scares me, so imagine how that teacher’s students

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