Reflective Essay On Reading And Writing

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Being a kid I had found reading and writing to be enjoyable. In my childhood my grandmother would read to me all the time. She would read all kinds of different books; such as Charlotte 's Web, Little House On the Prairie, and Sesame Street. Charlotte 's Web was one of my all time favorite books. While I got a little older I had started a Diary and every day I would write about my good days and my bad days, people, my life, and what I wanted to be in the future. I had also owned a journal entry where I would scribble down random thoughts and ideas, write all different kinds of stories and even poems.
My first year of kindergarten came and like all kindergartner 's they look at that year has being full of fun, naps, and food. That is the year
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I understand now that working to get a good essay means caring. For instance, writing about yourself is farely easy to do, but writing for and assignment, it 's going to be a little bit harder to do and thinking and caring about thoughts and ideas will help. In order to write a good essay, using moods while writing a paper will help wether it 's brainstorming or making a draft while well-rested, well-fed, and feeling great. Our minds work and think the best during those times. Writing for an audience is a big example, and it helps by having a specific audience or just an individual. This has always helped me focus on the aspects of my …show more content…
I 've always looked at myself as not being smart enough for college and worried about not being accepted into a college because I 'm don 't have the intelligence for it. Well, looking where I 'm at right now tells me different and definetly tells me I 've made some improvement over the past few years. I knew that if I just pushed myself through the hard times and kept trying I would finally succceed. Throughout my last three years of high school there were many times where I felt like I was so stressed and school was just bringing me down, especially English class. Writing has always made me so stressed and has made school very difficult for me. I love writing because it helps me get my mind of things, and I can type them

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