Prejudice Argumentative Essay

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It is hard for me to believe that almost a year has passed since I last traveled to Belize to visit you and Mama Rosa. Sorry, that I’ve been distant lately, but I’ve been extremely busy with school. I’m writing to update you about my experience with junior year, and how it’s not going as well as I anticipated. I hate to share my burdens, but you are the only person I can turn to when my heart is heavy and questions are overwhelming my mind. I know you don’t like to discuss the “race thing” and believe that racism only exists if one continues to bring it up, but this “colorblind” way of thinking is problematic and contributes to my current state of mind. I completely understand that because you’re not black, this topic may be awkward but do note that it’s not easy for me to discuss either. Besides, you always seem to know how to …show more content…
Smartness functions by praising one group to the determent and degradation of another because if everyone was deemed smart then the notion of superiority will not exist. Obviously this is a problem because if equality exist, then our society which is based on socio-ecological and blatantly racist ideologies would collapse. These negative stigmas are associated with dark people and these stereotypes, whether it be “positive” or negative are taught and propagated in schools. In order to gain white privilege or be seen as a valuable facet of the society, you must dissociate yourself from anything that may tie you to blackness and for some groups this is easier to do than others. To be considered successful, denial of my culture is essential and this is a price I am not willing to accept because I am proud to be black. I love the richness of my people but holding onto this makes my life increasingly difficult when everything around me tells me it’s “bad”. Why should I be expected to excel just to still be deemed unintelligent in

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