Reflective Essay On Prejudice

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The term “Prejudice” is probably one of the most polarizing topics today. Prejudice is defined as a “preconceived opinion or belief that is not based on reason or actual experience.” What makes prejudice, so polarizing is that there are people that either believes in it, experience it, or is completely oblivious to it to an entirety. Personally, I believe that prejudice does exist, and affect so many people in negative aspects. I have my own personal experiences that I will share though the duration of this essay. Prejudice spans in many parts of life, and even racism correlates with the topic. American history is at the center of this discussion and here’s why; slavery has always been a complex issue in America, and prejudice is the child …show more content…
These forms are known as: sexism, ageism, homophobia, and classicism. The term sexism, is defined as preconceived notions and beliefs that one will not suffice simply because they are either male or female. “Just as women are paid less than men for the same positions, women are less likely to be promoted, according to a new workplace study.” I do not have any knowledge about women being paid less than men, but I do believe that it happens because I believe that sexism exist. Typically, this form of prejudice is directed towards women, and they are though of as servants for men. I disagree whole-heartedly that women are servants, or designated maids. This is ignorance in one of its greatest forms. Men also experience sexism, by some believing that all men are arrogant, irrational, and ignorant. “Women are expected to date up, men are expected to date down. A man is expected to be taller, smarter, more athletic, and earn more than his female companion. There’s also a gender-specific ageism at play (preference for older men, and younger women.” I could not agree more with this statement. Personally, I have also experienced these beliefs, opinions, and preferences from some women. There have been times where I was told that simply because I am “short”, that I will not suffice. Even our own preferences can be prejudice, it is the discrimination towards someone because of their appearance. Ageism, is the discrimination towards someone specifically because of their age. In many fields, some people believe that if you are too old or too young, you will be incompetent and ineffective. However, this is greatly inaccurate. There are people that are competent regardless of age, that can complete tasks that are unusual for their age. For example; there are children that are professional chefs, that are some of the most skilled

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