Personal Narrative: My Walk Of Faith

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I grew up in church, I remember going to church every Sunday. So when I entered first grade and was around the age of six I had the opportunity to save the salvation prayer and I took it. A couple of years went by and I was in the third grade when I made a group of friends at school who were homeschooled and I went to public school. This was one difference that I feel started my comparing my walk of faith to. To me they were perfect and where doing everything God wanted but I felt as if I failed God daily and I could never be like them, pleasing God with all my choices. So I oppressed it and held on and just kept this feeling to myself. As I struggled with hiding my failures and insecurities from others another stronghold took ahold of my life as well. I began to deal …show more content…
I remember distinctively that after a couple of hours and a shower that waking from my nap I seen pictures from my FFA banquet the year before and thinking that today could have been the end and where would I be going that day I gave it all to God. I mainly started out by crying and between the tears saying God I shouldn’t be here! I am willing for whatever reason that I am still here after this accident. For a couple of months, the strongholds were gone I didn’t compare, I didn’t have nightmares or doubts, I didn’t even care that I was single. Soon the car accident “adrenaline” ran out and the emotions started flooding back and so did the struggles as life became busy again. Another year went by and the struggles never released. My family and I went on a family vacation to the Blue Ridge for a week and we went to a church that had branched off from my home church. I wanted to surprise my former youth pastor and we did and every time he mentioned children or youth ministry he looked at me it felt like and I kept thinking I am not going into that field I am going into agriculture education and go back and teach at my high

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