College Essay On Online Learning

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Learning something new has always been frightening to me. I’ve only learned in a traditional classroom setting, so I knew online learning would take discipline. Through the years, family and close friends would encourage me to go back to school to finish my degree, but I never could fit school into my hectic schedule.

After talking with my classmate, I began to visualize how important it was to finish my four year degree. I decided to submit the application and all the necessary documents to Bethel University. Two days later, I remember speaking with one of the recruiters, taking a deep breath before answering the phone. I recall the conversation being one of the most important decisions I 've ever made. My heart was racing because I was excited and eager to start this new journey.

Online learning is very flexible for the working class individuals. I 'm allowed to sit in my Betty Boop pajamas and eat pizza while typing this
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While walking across the multi-colored, plush carpet, gazing at the bright lights, I felt excitement in the building. The date was July 10, 1995, my first time stepping into a live casino. This was the beginning of my hospitality/gaming career. At the age of 21, I had no clue what my skills were or if I had a talent. Thinking to myself, " I will find multiple talents in this industry".

My first night was extremely busy! Pushing my way through the crowds, exchanging money, paying jackpots and earning my own money for the first time, was exciting. Each person I met was friendly. Many customers left my booth or presence with a smile. The word spread quickly. from one guest to the next. I often heard people whispering, "she 's friendly and compassionate '. Before I knew it, people from hundreds of miles would come to this establishment to visit me regularly. Coworkers would seek my advise for many

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