Reflective Essay On My Role Model

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The one that didn’t get away

Everyone pictures themselves as being an inspiration or some sort of motivational icon, however with a regular decrease in students’ abilities to comprehend certain aspects in and out of the classroom, shows that there is not enough emphasis on TEACHING the students rather just showing them. What describes this so called a “Role Model?” You might be thinking that it shows a particular interest in an individual’s personal dedication and dreams. Each person without a goal or a dream doesn’t just harm themselves, but also it affects the vast majority of groups around them. Teaching, leading, and time management is a vast majority of the different between a thinker and a go-getter. Without goals, you cannot make adequate
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Steinberg, I had someone who was very close to me, my mother. This role model that I have is someone I can take life lessons from every single day. From waking up on time too making adult decisions. This was very helpful because it let me work on what I could fix and what I couldn’t fix. Judgments that would pass through my head that were not clear or understanding I would get advice from my mother. She could show ways in which you could grasp a concept just by the way the words came out of her mouth. Things that I could not fix were facts of life that were unchangeable. But things I could change were just problems, she told me, they just show me how far I am willing to go to achieve greatness and too improve myself. This is why I am so grateful to have such a perfect role …show more content…
When a role model teaches you, it must be something that you can adapt to and have experienced in your life. Every person adapts and can take in knowledge a lot faster when a problem has/have happened. This is just so clear because it is a personal memory that individuals can become accustomed too. When I was told about becoming anything I wanted in my life I thought it was a joke. I could not imagine myself as becoming an astronaut or the president of the United States. Everyone looks at these goals and dreams and becomes discouraged by the long term efforts that are involved. The reason some role models are great and, some flair out is because the baby steps weren’t discussed. Every major goal has a million minor goals to achieve the goal/dream. My mother was the best at showing me these little goals and having me make the decision on my

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