My Reflective Essay In The Stretch Writing Program

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My portfolio shows how my progress through the semester has improved since the beginning of the course early this fall. This assignment is a reflection of how I have bettered my skills in the five standards of the WPA outcomes. When I first started college, I only knew simple writing concepts, but by the end of the fall my techniques have transformed from basic to critical. Writing a better thesis statement and breaking everything down are just some ways in which I improved. The point is to build off of current knowledge and incorporate the newly learned skills. In the program, it was evident I have shown improvement in my critical thinking, reading and writing skills, rhetorical knowledge, processing and habits of mind may still lack in many things yet I have still advanced my essays in the Stretch Writing Program.
I improved in my rhetorical knowledge during our Writing Project 1. Rhetorical knowledge is the ability to analyze and act on the understanding of your audience, purpose and text. In this project for the WPA outcome, we were asked to analyze a certain
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This is basically the informal guidelines of a good document’s design. To be successful, one must still understand, analyze for purpose, audience, and genre. I improved the most in “Learning the common formats and design for different kinds of text.” In the first two writing projects, I had to use APA format which was new to me, but in the last project we created a site/portfolio which is a breakdown of our essays. With the conventions of mechanics, I tend to struggle in integrating and applying citations correctly throughout all my essays, but I hope to improve that as I go through to the next semester. Lastly, I need to better my essays by writing in a knowledgeable way instead of writing like I am talking to someone I

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