Reflective Essay On My Great Grandfather

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On December 23, 2013, I learned to appreciate life and not take things for granted. My great grandfather had a very strong impact in my life, his passing was hard on my family and I. While he was admitted to the hospital I was on a trip in New York City. I 'm constantly filled with regret everyday I didn 't spend enough time with him. It is due to my great grandfather 's passing that I have found myself valuing the importance of family.
On December 4th, my mother and I traveled to New York City to celebrate her birthday. After having a couple of wonderful days, sightseeing and exploring, we received a call that my great grandfather had been admitted to the hospital. Nobody told us how bad it really was at the time, but I had a feeling that
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Seeing my family from out of town, had made my stomach drop and my heart race. Although we are a very close family, everyone being there scared me. Walking in to my great grandfather 's room and seeing my great grandmother sitting next to him holding his hand was heart warming and gave me a sense of relief. I couldn 't help but cry seeing him so helpless, as if the stroke wasn 't enough he also got pneumonia. I thought to myself if only I could do something to take the pain away. I remember sitting by him, holding his hand, being choked up and not being able to talk to him. All I could do is look at him and cry. I was mad at myself for not being strong enough to comfort him. I was enlightened that some thing are not in my control and I can 't help even if I …show more content…
We would bring him belonging to make him feel at home. Such as a tempur-pedic pillow, his favorite blanket, and a small Christmas tree. The only thing we couldn’t take him was food, he had asked for tamales that my grandma makes. I promised him that after he got better I would bring him some, but that never happened. After visiting him every day at the hospital on December 23, my great grandfather was taken off of life support and pasted away. I couldn 't help but wonder why God had taken him away. Everything at that moment made me think twice about every decision I make for my future because now I want to make my great grandfather

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