Reflective Essay On Muslim

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The five percenters, also known as the Nation of Gods and earth, believe that God is within the lack man and no other can fulfill this role. They also believe that only five percent of the world know the truth and are determined to enlighten the rest of the ninety-five percent. The Nation of Islam is a religious group who believe that God appeared within a man named Fard Muhammad. It is a group to help African Americans prosper economically, mentally, and emotionally. Shite muslims, are the original muslims, believe that God is not seen and is a supernatural. I follow all of these religions freely, but I consider myself more spiritual than religious. Being spiritual, often opens a variety of judgemental remarks because most individuals believe youy cant be spiritual and religious at the same time. They belive eif you are spiritual you are an egotists an dyou mst be religious or else you are not righteous. That is not truer an is an stereotypical point of view. I have been loked upon as not a true muslim and in need of a therapist because I have an identity cfrisis. …show more content…
We once had an argument because e I was trying to explain to him that we all had god in us and that heaven and hell are all mental. We all create our own personal hell I out thoughts and we also create our own personal heaven. I also tried to tell him thjat God created us in his image so we are godly. Not in a way that we are god but in the way that we all have a part of god in us. He claimed that beings like me are know it alls and think we know everything. He stated we try to alter how others think to lead them to believe in false knowledge. I let him talk ecaus efor years we have een forced to have fear installed in us and because its been round so long that’s what they are used

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