Reflective Essay On Marriage

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Marriage is an art of making love, Marriage can be used as a foundation of love, which is also one of the strongest relationship a couple can have, Marriage allows the couple to live together in society without being frowned upon. Marriage is the foremost way of expressing ones love to their spouse. A couple, Bride and groom realise their dreams of sharing their joys and worries together. Marriage teaches people to maintain decency in their relationship, but what if one partner looks at the other partner as a doll which has no feeling? However 72% of men don’t realise that after marriage for a women, it is a completely new life of sacrifices and compromises. Some men tend not to think about how many sacrifices a woman has to make just for her …show more content…
I stayed up all night in my mums and dad’s bedroom because I didn’t know when I will get a chance again, so I wanted to be with them. At 3am as I heard the chime go off from my mobile as I picked the mobile up the Bright light was on my face, it was a message from him, John the man I would be marrying the following day. “Goodnight my gorgeous bride”. I read the message I tried to ignore it but I find it very hard because I didn’t want John to think there’s something wrong so replied back to him with the butterflies in my stomach “goodnight my handsome groom.” Memories started to begin in my hectic mind. I laid there thinking to myself what I’m doing is right and how many life sim going to be playing with because it’s my life and I have the right to choose my life partner but as I looked away I saw my mum and dad and I just stopped thinking for a minute and closed my eyes, and said ‘I want my parents to be happy I will manage’, tears were rushing down my face which I had no idea why, I just wanted to scream and …show more content…
The Indian wedding ceremony is special, rich and quite elaborate. The Wedding ceremony took place in a John house which wasn’t any less than wedding hall. It was outstandingly supplied and nicely decorated. It includes brilliant lighting, an amazing red carpet with red rose petals to walk on, nice sofas and comfortable upscale furniture. In Johns house there was a large set of tables with ten chairs each. The light from the chandeliers above added to the beauty of the atmosphere. The waiters in their white shirts and black slacks and bowties were extremely attentive, very courteous, and friendly. It was one o’clock, the guests started to arrive. Men were wearing their most expensive and most beautiful Sherwani’s and the women were wearing expensive saree’s. As me and my bridesmaids started to walk down the red carpet which was full of rose pedals, loud sounds of drums and trumpets started to play from right behind. The guests stood up for respect and to crane their necks to see me entering with my heavy blue and gold Lehenga with heavy gold jewellery and my soon to be husband in his white and gold Sherwani. That’s when I realised why my parents wanted me to live my life with an old man. It’s because money, pride, status meant more to them than my happiness, I was only young. As John held my hand very tightly I forgot what I was thinking. As we got on the stage many of the guests began to dance to the

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