Life Of Pi's Life Analysis

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When reading the book Life of Pi, I am amazed by how much suffer that Pi had been through for such a young boy. From the embarrassment of his name on the first day of school, to the acceptance of society about one God which he chose to follow in three different religiouses. From the moment he has to leave his birthplace to move to an unfamiliar country where everything is different, temperature, skin color, etc., to the moment his whole family is lay in the bottom of the angry Pacific and he is the one who survived. From sharing the only shelter that could save his life to the most dangerous animal once he witness killed an poor innocent goat, to almost believe in that his life is saved by an island that is full of food and fresh water turned …show more content…
Was Pi not a good follower? There is no doubt about the second question that Pi was definitely a “terrific” follower. This is not coming from a stranger but from the disciples of God himself. The priest: “Piscine is a good Christian Boy”, the imam: “He’s a good Muslim boy”, and finally the pandit: “ He’s a good Hindu boy.” So where is Christ when his family was devoured by the storm in the middle of the ocean? where is Vishnu when Pi wasn’t fed for days and was in the slim border of life and death? and where is Allah that should keep all of this from happen to this poor little boy in the first place? These are just mine resentment on behalf of Pi or even for me when I was in these similar situation. Everything that he have been through, he did not blame God once. If you look at his schedule for an average day, prayers are his main activity from woke up in the morning to fitful sleeping at night. This shows how much faith this multiple religions boy has in him. This is a fiction book, but how much it related to my personal life, and my faith in particular is intriguing. I enjoyed and learned so much from this book far more than I expected. However, I still don’t have the answer to the question, is God testing his/our faith through these events. I will follow Piscine Patel instead, not asking any questions when your faith is shaking simply just keep on believing and follow the path that is drawn out to

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