Reflective Essay On Law Enforcement

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Once I was in middle school I knew that I wanted to help people and keep people safe. Today we hear about murders, robberies, and people getting into accidents because they break the law while driving. I’m not saying that I can help everyone, but I want to have people that feel safe. If we have a lot of law enforcement officers out there protecting people.
When I was in high school there was a class on law enforcement that I thought would be a good experience to take, it is two college credits at Macomb Community College and since I was planning on attending Macomb for two years I thought it would be a great idea. The law enforcement class was a privilege to have because we had guest speakers come in and talk about their careers. Some of the guest speakers were state police, Macomb county Judge , sheriff, homeland security, and also FBI. I learned a lot from
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We have meetings every Monday at 7pm at the Sterling Heights police department. We take roll call just like how police officers take their roll call at the beginning of their shift. We do hands on training with police and we do scenarios that involve domestic violence, building searches, felony stops, physical training, and defensive training. Things that we do to help us in our career are we go to festivals and we help direct traffic and also help with crowd control. Our biggest festivals that we go to are the Sterling Fest, St Malcary, and St Lawrence. We also get an opportunity to go to yearly boot camp which is class and Physical training and it’s about one week long and then we graduate from boot camp. After boot camp we can get promoted to Sargent, lieutenant, Captain or chief we also get the experience to go on a ride along and we get to go on calls. Recently we went to Port Huron and we got to go onto the sheriff boat which they help people if there boat caught on fire or if someone was drowning they would have to go save them

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