Reflective Essay On Interpersonal Relationship

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My brother and I have a close bond, we are one year apart. Even though he may be over protective at times and a hot head over the years we have grown closer together. When we were young we use to fight like cats and dogs. I ' m not sure why but we were always fighting for some reason. No matter how much we fought he 's always there to defend me no matter what. I choose this interpersonal relationship because I want to better my communication skills. I sometimes have trouble with engaging in conversations, holding eye contact, and expressing myself.

The first meeting took place at home when I was thinking about some important decisions I 'm going to have to make. I was asking him for possible advice more so of what his thoughts were. We were
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When I was calling him in a certain tone I was using some form of feed forward I was drawing out his name and moving a about carelessly showing that I had alot on my mind. Then I started to tell him everything I was thinking I 'm not sure why I wasn’t able to keeping still, I was abit torn about the subject so to express my despair I was roaming. In which I see now that may not have been ineffective in getting my point across or expressing it appropriately. By me wondering around may have sent the message that the subject wasn’t serious. I learned that the way you relay a message is as important as the message itself. So the verbal and nonverbal should match. I wasn’t conscious of the fact that, I participated in an interactive communication model where I was the sender and my brother was the receiver. In opposed of using the transactional …show more content…
Where his manager was trying to write him up because he had to leave early. This conversation took place in a car, he was the diver and I was the passenger seat. When he was telling me what happen he had my full attention. I was giving proper back channeling cues with nodding and facial expressions prompting him to continue. Not only was I interested I was angry right along with him sharing that emotion of anger he had towards his manger. Sharing that anger is way of me having empathy for him where I was able to connect with him. We spoke about that incident the whole car ride home which took over an hour he continuously expressed his anger .The reason he had to leave early from work was to come pick me up from my job. When he told his manager he had to leave, she was saying he have to stay even though he explained to her why he had to go. Which everyone already knew he always leave early to pick me up. So this time the manger that doesn’t like him wouldn’t allow it, she threaten him with a write up. After he told me what was going on I told him to stay and I 'll wait for him. I ended up waiting over four hours until he came and not to mention Friday evening traffic in the city is horrible. Usually I would be furious with the whole situation but since he called and told me what’s happening I understood everything if I hadn’t received a phone call or some kind of communication we

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