Reflective Essay On Inclusive Education

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Register to read the introduction… The Melbourne Declaration (MCEETYA, 2008) and Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Jenkins, 2009) stipulate national standards for equity, excellence and inclusion within Australian schools. To bring about a change in societal attitudes towards difference would be difficult without a unified approach as it would be difficult for a nation to identify as one should the education systems remain divided. Processes such as a national curriculum, assessment and reporting (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2009); and the NAPLAN standardised testing (MCEECDYA, 2009) are acting as agents to bring about this national …show more content…
An inclusive education provides a medium for bringing about a change to the way difference is accepted as it provides an opportunity for all students to interact and discover what similarities they share. For example, in the past ignorance and prejudice has hindered those with a disability to participate fully within society (Elkins, 2009). As disabled and nondisabled students interact successfully within the inclusive classroom perceptions of difference are altered. As a result of this a new generation is enculturated into a society that values difference and diversity.
As a preservice teacher, I will be at the forefront of delivering an inclusive education. It is the policies and legislations described above that will direct my pedagogical choices. In order to provide an inclusive education it is imperative that I incorporate strategies that will produce equitable outcomes. Differentiated instruction, raising self-efficacy within students and embedding social justice topics are a means for achieving

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