Personal Narrative: Impersonal Communication

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Impersonal Communication:
I worked for Hallmark at Jordan Creek Mall for roughly two and a half years. I started working at the end of my sophomore year of high school where I thought I would start to learn about the real world. I had a simple, short interview that consisted of only three basic questions. The manager that had interviewed me was going to be gone for two weeks on vacation the following weekend. The manager wanted me to be done with school before I started working in the summer. At the time, I had only three days left of the school year. Of course, I ended up starting when my manager was out of town. During my interview, she told me to leave her a note that stated what days I needed off throughout the summer. At the time, this
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The interpersonal communication used in my situation was a phone call where we could hear the tone of the other person. This is also another situation of using a vertical channel. I was specifically speaking with my manager, which is a higher authority. This could also be an informal channel of the grapevine. My manager told others what had happened, spreading positive gossip to others. I believe this was successful due to being specific and detailed. I tried asking myself the same questions others would try to ask in my situation. I also used three ways to communicate and I believe this is why my situation was also successful. If one way of communication failed there were two backup ways that could be successful. I tried sending clear messages by using appropriate timing and considering the receiver’s preference. I know that retail stores are open between ten and twelve hours a day, so I knew someone would have picked up the phone. My manager at the time never liked texting or e-mail, but that was the only way available at the time. Although I had no way of being at work to see the results, I know that work was in good condition. My situation was not controllable, and nothing could have changed. My manager found employees who were able to stay longer or come in earlier to pick up my hours. I thanked the people I worked with many times. I know picking up extra hours is inconvenient for most people, yet they still do it

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