Reflective Essay On Hypnosis

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Hypnosis session
In a one-hour hypnosis session with Mellen, a licensed hypnotist, I felt like I had taken a long, calm and exciting nap. Hypnosis is a human consciousness state involving focused attention and lessened peripheral awareness as well as an elevated ability to respond to suggestion. The experience was exciting.
The hypnotists started by instructing me to close and open my eyes continuously in the first about 5 minutes. I was very anxious and felt like it was boring but even if I wanted to stop and walk out, I would not since I had to do it. As time went by I started feeling some sought of numbness and I began feeling relaxed I felt very heavy like I was sinking right down into the seat. I noticed my breathing slowed down and a majority of my muscles became more relaxed.
As I become more and more relaxed, I felt my anxiety going away and felt like something as leaving my body. I felt more like I was lying in a
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I experience a particular taste sensation for each color I thought about. The hypnotist touched my shoulder, and I finally woke up from a nap that I would not tell how long it too, I was lost in time. The session was wonderful, and I felt some kind of relieve in my body.
The hypnosis session altered my consciousness. In the hypnotic state, I was relaxed and more of in sleep and I was perceiving, acting, thinking, and feeling according to the suggestions of the hypnotist. The hypnotist’s suggestions influenced my perception and action. The taste sensation of color was a feeling influenced by the suggestion. During the session, I experienced feelings and visualized memories and images that were not real, but I felt like they were very real. Besides, body relaxation, dissociation from my surrounding, and the absorption of awareness altered my state of

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